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Beginning of chapter one

Somehow, I knew this would be the end for me.

The eerie silence that surrounded me was broken by the sound of shattering glass. Crouching lower, I stilled, my breath caught in my throat.

I had to get away from this nightmare.

I had no recollection of how I got here but a sixth sense told me I was being chased, that I needed to get away – fast! A faint shimmer of moonlight crept in through the oak shutters, illuminating my surroundings. Struggling to control my ragged breathing and the panic that grew within me, I peered through the shutters. A shadow blocked my view. It seemed to be an outline of a human, though whether it was male or female was beyond my apprehension.

The figure whipped around to face the wardrobe I was hiding in. I stepped back, trembling. This was it. This dark, unrecognisable figure was about to find me. My chances of escaping were slim; the only other choice was to defend myself. A quick glance around the wardrobe confirmed my fears; there was nothing that could be used as a weapon. I edged backwards towards the wall, using it to steady myself as I stood poised, ready for whatever was heading my way.

Even with the faint moonlight I could only see outlines, apart from the two blazing emerald eyes that appeared between the shutters. Cruel and dark, they were filled with a predatory instinct with me as their prey. Fear spiked through my heart and flowed through my trembling body. My foot slipped unexpectedly, sending me crashing to the ground.

Where was I?

The smell of decaying leaves clung to me as I brushed off the dried mud and lifeless twigs that hung on my clothing. I stood, taking in my surroundings. A blanket of fog descended around the bare forest trees that were ravaged by the harsh autumn weather. A shrill sound echoed through the forest.

I froze.

Vicious, tormenting laughter seemed to surround me. My eyes darted around, trying to figure out where it came from. I felt like I was being smothered; my chest constricted, making it hard to control my breathing. A twig snapped behind me, sending me running for my life. The cruel laughter grew louder, it was getting closer. I stole a glance behind me. Suddenly I stumbled over a root that seemed to manifest out of nowhere.

I found myself falling again.

I glanced around; my eyes burnt from exhaustion.

I was in a grassy field surrounded by green woodland. I looked down; straw lay in bundles at my feet. I tried to tug my wrists out of the ropes that bound me to the wooden stake; they only dug deeper into my skin. Familiar laughter echoed faintly from the woodland causing my head to snap up.

I peered ahead; barely able to make out a shadow lurking within the trees. It was the figure from the wardrobe! Those penetrating emerald eyes glowed from within the darkness, dimmed by a sudden orange haze that appeared to float in mid-air next to him. The shadow started to glide over to where I was being held prisoner. My gaze ripped from his eyes, daring to glance at the glowing orb that floated near him. As I studied the orb further, I started to recognise what it was. It was a torch! At that moment, realisation hit me.

He was going to burn me!

He drew closer, finally coming to stop in front of me; a shadowy mass filled with blackness and hate. No! I tried to shout but no sound escaped my mouth. I thrashed about, trying to break free. His eyes lit up; he was enjoying this.

He dropped the flame.

The straw lit up, almost immediately surrounding me with a wave of heat. The flames rose; it was starting to become unbearable. A flame licked against my leg, searing the flesh, causing it to bubble. A scream erupted from deep within my chest. I thrashed wildly, desperate to get away from the flames. I tried to yell at the figure, pleading that he stops. He just stood there, silently watching.

I am a poet, frum thuh stars, I du not smoke or go u bars,so can I join yor nue club
Or must wolverine convince u tu let me in wile he calling u bub?
Shadedragon06 Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you have to post this as a submission then sumbit it to the group :heart:
How do I do that!?
theuniversalart Nov 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hello :)

I hope I am posting this correctly, if not please for give me I am new and if you chose to leave a comment please tell me the correct way to post here, I hope you like this is a part in my interactive book and would love feed back.

Chapter 1

Inhale, Exhale

I hear the voice of all consciousness envelope me.

Inhale, Exhale, I hear again and am aware of all. I have no form yet I am aware of light, sound and color. The low boom of our universe echoes through me, as others awaken around me causing the low hum I initially heard to become louder and louder. In an instance a flash of light flooded my sight.

“What is that” I asked aloud

“It is your thoughts and the thoughts of your syblings. You have all been created as a reflection of our will which means anything that you think will take form. a form which you have created through the gift we have provided to all of you.” Came the voice of our parents the creators of all that is in existence and will ever be.

Slowly I began to see movement flowing in front of me and gradually it grew in size to expand in every direction. “What is happening” I asked my parents wondering what form it would take. ” You are creating what we will call Water. Each of you will be a creator of your energy, will, and thoughts.You all carry a piece of us that you will spread through every Galaxy. You carry the gift of Water.
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